A Brief History of the Galaxy…

By Prof. Glorrixx Mangingfield IV (PHD. Alien Relations)

In 6933, the InterGalactic Council, made up of the greatest minds in the universe, was established to remedy the constant inter-planetary wars and disputes that plagued the galaxy. The Council determined that the reason for war, was the vast differences between species and cultures. A difference of opinion, would lead to an argument, an argument would lead to an alliance, alliances would lead to the imbalance of power and the imbalance of power, would lead to war.

Back in those days, such matters were quelled easily by the Dogmen - the intergalactic enforcers of law and order. But these law hounds are not immune to everything. Somewhere deep within their psyche lies a desire to be pet, to have a squeaky ball thrown for them or to run… yes, just run.

With the exploitation of the Dogmen’s weaknesses, and the advances in military technology across the universe, the threat of extinction became too real. At first all weapons were banned and shipped to the deserted planet of Baaf, but that just became a place for criminals to restock their supplies.

And so for the protection of the planets, all inter-planetary travel was banned. Immigration facilities were shut down and aliens from all walks of life were sent packing – back to their “home-worlds”.

The Dogmen were assigned a new role as watchdogs of the galaxy, and now patrol the vast reaches of space.

Of course there were those who opposed the new laws, and they were dwelt with. Those who survived, fled to the outer reaches of the galaxy, or went into space piracy, stealing goods transported by the newly founded InterGalactix Shipping Corporation.

Seeing the opportunity to legalize his smuggling operation, the ruthless – NoFace, went from being feared and loathed, to rich and loathed overnight. He secured his position as CEO of InterGalactix by sharing his trade routes, and taking control of the logistical nightmare of shipping to everywhere. Just because aliens didn’t like each other, doesn’t mean they don’t want each other’s stuff.

The World

“We deliver to the universe” - The InterGalactix slogan is not an exaggeration. Melvin and his crew literally deliver cargo all across the far expanses of space. Their job sees them delivering to the richest planets like Fordondel, the weirdest planets like Cryix, and the uncharted planets like Dunkey and Dwoxx. Since all inter-planetary travel is banned (with the exception of InterGalactix and the Dogmen), the crew never really know what they will encounter when they land. The locals could we waiting with balloons and banners, or spears and incinerator rifles. They need to be prepared for anything the Galaxy can throw at them - like alien-eating forests, nuclear volcanoes, poisonous stardust and even a planet made entirely out of chewed bubblegum. Space is a quiet and empty place without fellow travellers, but that doesn’t mean Cargo Hauler 78-82’s journey is smooth and risk free. They may encounter asteroid storms, colliding suns and on particularly unlucky days - a run-in with the Dogmen or the Space Pirates. As a Cargo Hauler, your responsibility is to see the cargo delivered, and Melvin takes this vocation more seriously than most captains. It’s the adventure he’s always wanted, even though the circumstances may be less than ideal.


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