Cargo Hauler 78-82 (Nova-E)

When you need to lug tons of goods across the universe, you really can’t do better than the ThunderHauler 24000. Unfortunately, Cargo Hauler 78-82 is not a ThunderHauler. As one of the first generation haulers, it was purchased at a pre-loved craft auction, and while it does the job, it tends to break down regularly. Which is super inconvenient, considering they stopped making spare parts more than 100 years ago.

Meet Our Crew

While there are thousands of crews working for the shipping conglomerate, the crew of Freight 78-82 are the only inter-species crew. Melvin loves the diversity of his crew - the disagreements may be intense but it certainly keeps things interesting.

I mean, when your crew is commanded by an inexperienced captain, piloted by a reckless ex-space pirate, managed by an insubordinate thug, maintained by an over enthusiastic genius and spurred on by a Candroid... who can’t, what could possibly go wrong?


The lure of adventure is a call Melvin just can’t resist. So he did the unthinkable, he cashed in his trust fund, bought a cargo ship, registered as a uni-hauler and joined the only company licensed for interstellar travel... InterGalactix.
Just like that, he’s Captain of Cargo Hauler 78-82, with his compass set to the universe and his heart set to adventure! There’s just one problem: Melvin doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. His sheltered home life gave him no real-world skills. He does however, know all the words to every show tune in the galaxy. To most aliens, this would be a massive set back. But Melvin is not most aliens.


Avian is one of the best pilots in the galaxy; she also just happens to be related to one of the most infamous space pirates. Unfortunately, her aunt considers flying a “working class” occupation, and so the only way she could get behind the controls of any ship, was while Aunty was away, or below deck. Inevitably this could only go on for so long before something snapped. Avian snuck away from Pirate Hole, taking with her a healthy amount of “re-possessed” goods to pursue a career in… anything where she should fly. The job may be dull, Melvin’s jokes may be lame, and she might be on the run from both the Dogmen and the space pirates, but at least she gets to fly. And man, can she fly!


Arik is the ship’s tech wizard and engineer; he’s also Melvin’s best friend, and first crew member. Arik admires Melvin for his nerve to go against tradition, and adventure into the unknown. Squiddles, as a species, hate technology. This may have something to do with the fact that their home planet is immersed in liquid. Arik however, loves technology with the enthusiasm of a Murgar in the mud pits of Argoz. He’s constantly developing “breakthroughs” for the ship and their missions.


Bilko, like Avian, grew up hearing the constant firing of plasma cannons and the screams of terrified crews, as they abandoned their precious cargo, fleeing for their lives. As Avian’s personal bodyguard, it’s his sworn duty to protect her and never question her motives. This is after all the pirate way - “To think... is mutiny.”
Bilko was a great pirate. He’s good at stealing, fighting, maiming... ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, onboard Cargo Hauler 78-82, none of these skills are needed. Surprisingly, there are no positions available for someone whose resume includes: “thumping your enemies” and “looting without mercy”. So Bilko was forced to take on an administration role.


Candroids are amazing; part out-of-this world analytical strategist, part peppy cheerleader, their answer to any question is, “Yes we can!”. Not only will they help you turn any outrageous, hair brained idea into a planned, strategic masterpiece, they’ll make you feel good about it.
Unfortunately, the Candroid onboard Cargo Hauler 78-82 suffers from what is technically defined as “dropped”, making him more of a “can’t-droid”. Not only has the damage erased his database of the galaxy (he can’t remember anything), but his cheery optimism has blossomed into existential cynicism, and manic negativity. He’s the ship’s official “NO!” guy.



They say a leader is admired and a boss is feared, then there is no doubt that NoFace is definitely a boss. Once a humble (albeit cutthroat) smuggler, NoFace now runs an economic empire. He is the wealthiest alien in the known universe and probably the most feared.

No one knows what species of alien he is, as he is only ever seen in his full body business suit, complete with a blank visor. His lack of any facial features makes him impossible to read - a strategy that has been instrumental in his success. He is known for his intimidating “Texan Oil Baron” accent, a voice he has selected from the “capitalism” playlist on his electronic vocal-enhancer. Unfortunately this gadget has a habit of malfunctioning and will often select a random voice of its choosing.

There are whispers that he is in fact responsible for the interplanetary segregation, which is emphasized by his personal slogan - “Make a problem, sell a solution”.

He normally has very little contact with his employees, but for some insufferable reason, the crew of Freight 78-82 (especially that annoyingly cheerful Captain) are always either on his radar or in his business.



The InterGalactix Stace Station itself is situated strategically in the centre of the known universe. It's the center for trade and industry, a place for diplomats from every plant can attend council meetings and close those big deals.

The core of the space station is the shipping hub, made up of three rotating bay areas. These platforms rotate independently of each other, pointing the cargo haulers in the right direction.

Above the cargo area is "The Dome", a more affluent city inhabited by the elite. Below the station is "The Drill", a poorer to middle class city that provides The Dome with labor and other services.


"To think is mutiny!" - Space Pirates

Armed with rocket launchers, atomic lasers and a deep passion for theft, Space Pirates are a law unto their own. No one knows where they’re based, why they take such glee in destroying cargo ships, or

even how to stop them. To make matters worse, the InterGalactix fleet is over-insured, so they’re more than happy to let a pirate destroy a ship, rather than risk additional losses.

Admiral SkullCrusher

Admiral Frannie Skullcrusher is tough, cunning and spectacularly ruthless.

Frannie has never got over Avian leaving and has made it her life's work to convince her to come back to the fold, unfortunately her negotiation skills mainly involve theft, missiles, and imminent death.


Jorax is Skullcrusher’s second in command, a job he takes VERY seriously.

He may be a mean, tough thug, but what he really wants is his Admiral’s approval and maybe a hug.


Shorty is the poster child for short man’s syndrome.

He is an over zealous, over enthusiastic ball of anger, who is trying to prove that he is the toughest of all pirates.


Zap is a trigger happy pirate, quick on the draw, quick to anger. Many a misunderstanding has led to assassination. "Don't take the shot," in his mind reads, "Take the shot".


No one really understand Cheng, Cheng also rarely understands anyone else. From the outer reaches of the galaxy, his language is so far removed that even translation is impossible. He does however understand looting and money, that is a universal language.


Clamp like to be seen as the strong silent type and so doesn’t like to say much.

He is probably the smartest in the crew, but because of the pirate motto: “To think is mutiny and mutiny is death”, he tends to keep his mouth shut and follows Jorax’s ridiculous over-literal orders.

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"We're nobody's friend!" - The Dogmen

The Dogmen are the watchdogs of the Galaxy and the intergalactic enforcers of law and order. These canines have a keen sense of smell, an acute sense of hearing, but most importantly...they’re nobody’s

friend. In fact, that’s their motto. (This may have something to do with the fact that humans haven't been discovered yet) They have a particular dislike for InterGalactix, and tend to set up frequent, random cargo inspections.


Chief is getting close to retirement (something he mentions at least once an hour) so he likes to take a “permissive” management role.

Meaning, he hands off all the work to Minka and spends most of his days meditating in his office doggy bed.


She may be one foot tall, but she is also the strictest and most feared of all the Dogmen.

Commander Minka Bow Wow is a stickler for the rules and is open about how much she dislikes InterGalactix. One day she’ll dig up enough dirt so shut the whole thing down.


He’s the Dogmen’s newest recruit, the rookie. This doberman is eager to prove himself, over enthusiastic, ready for action and, apart from the occasional butt sniff, is actually a pretty good Dogman.

At the academy he was voted “most likely to drive everyone crazy” …and so far so good.


Sergeant Biscuits might not be the smartest dog in the Space Kennel, but he makes up for it by being the laziest.

He is the one police dog, that all smugglers, thieves and cargo haulers hope will conduct inspections. He doesn’t pay attention, hates hard work, and because of his peanut butter addiction, is easily bribed.

Awkward but social