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InterGalactix is more than just an entertaining 2D series - it’s a story that deals with issues relevant in our own society. InterGalactix is set in a segregated universe, not unlike the people of our planet. Species find it hard to relate to each other - because of the amount of diversity in their cultures, or their physical appearance.

It’s a series that’s full of grey areas - like the fact that they’re working for a company who have had a hand in prolonging the segregation, because they’re out to make a profit. The crew are actually working for the bad guys? Does that mean the pirates are the good guys?

No... I think they’re just in it for themselves too. Our inter-species crew explore, through their interactions, the bridges that can be built to bring species closer together, working on the similarities that unite us, rather than the differences that divide. By doing this we hope to influence a new generation of young humans, to examine their own prejudices, while laughing at the ridiculous situations our crew get themselves in.

Justin Henning


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