In a universe where all intergalactic travel is banned, Melvin and his inter-species crew, deliver any goods - all while avoiding space pirates, smugglers, and their uptight, uncompromising boss.

What is InterGalactix?

The short answer is probably... a space station. Think of it as the Amazon of space, a central hub of commerce throughout the galaxy. What makes InterGalactix interesting is not what it is... but why it is.

Division - That's the reason it exists. After war upon war, the planets needed a solution. They realized that the reasons for war really came down to simple arguments, differences in culture and tradition that end up spiralling out of control... And so the solution, was to bring about segregation. Unfortunately, the planets have come to depend on the resources from each other and so they formed the conglomerate - InterGalactix. The only company licensed for intergalactic travel, now faces a whole new range of new problems... especially from the only inter-species crew in their armada of ships.

Meet Our Crew

While there are thousands of crews working for the shipping conglomerate, the crew of Freight 78-82 are the only inter-species crew. Melvin loves the diversity of his crew - the disagreements may be intense but it certainly keeps things interesting.

I mean, when your crew is commanded by an inexperienced captain, piloted by a reckless ex-space pirate, managed by an insubordinate thug, maintained by an over enthusiastic genius and spurred on by a Candroid... who can’t, what could possibly go wrong?


The lure of adventure is a call Melvin just can’t resist. So he did the unthinkable, he cashed in his trust fund, bought a cargo ship, registered as a uni-hauler and joined the only company licensed for interstellar travel... InterGalactix.
Just like that, he’s Captain of Cargo Hauler 78-82, with his compass set to the universe and his heart set to adventure! There’s just one problem: Melvin doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. His sheltered home life gave him no real-world skills. He does however, know all the words to every show tune in the galaxy. To most aliens, this would be a massive set back. But Melvin is not most aliens.


Avian is one of the best pilots in the galaxy; she also just happens to be related to one of the most infamous space pirates. Unfortunately, her aunt considers flying a “working class” occupation, and so the only way she could get behind the controls of any ship, was while Aunty was away, or below deck. Inevitably this could only go on for so long before something snapped. Avian snuck away from Pirate Hole, taking with her a healthy amount of “re-possessed” goods to pursue a career in… anything where she should fly. The job may be dull, Melvin’s jokes may be lame, and she might be on the run from both the Dogmen and the space pirates, but at least she gets to fly. And man, can she fly!


Arik is the ship’s tech wizard and engineer; he’s also Melvin’s best friend, and first crew member. Arik admires Melvin for his nerve to go against tradition, and adventure into the unknown. Squiddles, as a species, hate technology. This may have something to do with the fact that their home planet is immersed in liquid. Arik however, loves technology with the enthusiasm of a Murgar in the mud pits of Argoz. He’s constantly developing “breakthroughs” for the ship and their missions.


Bilko, like Avian, grew up hearing the constant firing of plasma cannons and the screams of terrified crews, as they abandoned their precious cargo, fleeing for their lives. As Avian’s personal bodyguard, it’s his sworn duty to protect her and never question her motives. This is after all the pirate way - “To think... is mutiny.”
Bilko was a great pirate. He’s good at stealing, fighting, maiming... ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, onboard Cargo Hauler 78-82, none of these skills are needed. Surprisingly, there are no positions available for someone whose resume includes: “thumping your enemies” and “looting without mercy”. So Bilko was forced to take on an administration role.


Candroids are amazing; part out-of-this world analytical strategist, part peppy cheerleader, their answer to any question is, “Yes we can!”. Not only will they help you turn any outrageous, hair brained idea into a planned, strategic masterpiece, they’ll make you feel good about it.
Unfortunately, the Candroid onboard Cargo Hauler 78-82 suffers from what is technically defined as “dropped”, making him more of a “can’t-droid”. Not only has the damage erased his database of the galaxy (he can’t remember anything), but his cheery optimism has blossomed into existential cynicism, and manic negativity. He’s the ship’s official “NO!” guy.

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